Best beware - the dog days of summer are almost among us.  The summer slump, when it's too hot to go outside, too hot to sit by the pool, too hot to even move.  A five minute car ride turns into your own personal sauna and even the plants look wilted and tired.  Sweat trickles down your back in a never ending stream and you wonder - way back in April, how did I ever think that this was going to be bearable?  So when that happens and when you get to that point, get your behind inside, blast the A/C, close the blinds and fix yourself a tall glass of lemonade.  Who cares if the condensation pools on your coffee table as long as you're cooling down.

Take that summer glare and transform it into little splashes of yellow that'll sneak a smile on your face when you least expect it.  And keep that smile.  It is still summer after all.

chip box / island / antique books / umbrella / trunk / lemon curd / pouch / print