Most recently, two lovely ladies and talented bloggers have separately awarded me the Liebster award.  Xixia at This is Xixia and Emmy at Scarberian Fashion Lover, thank you.  I'm both honored and humbled by your recognition.  Most of you are familiar with their blogs but if you haven't checked them out before, give 'em a visit.

With receiving the Liebster award, I'm to answer 11 questions that were posed to me and here they are below!

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Who is your favourite celebrity?  My most favouritest celebrity right now of this moment is David Tennant.  I am becoming the biggest fan of the Doctor and until I get caught up with Matt Smith, David Tennant it is.  Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey David Tennant.

What is your favourite quote?  There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.  It's a Buddhist quote that has turned into almost a sort of mantra for me that I repeat under my breath in times of stress.  Plus my parents are Buddhist and this reminds me of their philosophy, except then they take it further to "all of life is suffering" so I tend to stop listening before they get to that part.

What is a pet peeve of yours?  People who smack their mouths when they eat, without a doubt.  It is like nails on a chalkboard for me and I want to admonish them, like a crotchety old lady.  Or smack them in the face.

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Sunlight or moonlight?  Moonlight because it brings back so many memories for me of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with my family.  There are many traditional stories all revolving around the moon that my parents would recite to us, year after year, while we sat outside snacking on our mooncakes.  I even remember doing that one year at the Grand Canyon and if you haven't seen the Grand Canyon by moonlight, that is a MUST.

What is your favourite movie?  For awhile, I was watching Ocean's 11 on repeat - gorgeous cast, clever plot and the good guys get the cash and the girls.  Perfect movie and perfect ending.

What could you eat every day and love it?  Pho.  I have an obsession.  I can even eat it by the bowlfuls in the summer time when it's 5,000 degrees outside and your shoes melt into the pavement.  And I add ALL the different sauces - y'all know about my obsession with sriracha.

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Modern or vintage?  This is such a cop out but it depends on what.  Modern medicine.  Vintage wines.  Modern plumbing.  Vintage decanters.  You get my drift.

What is your guilty pleasure novel?  I never really feel guilty reading any novels - no shame, this one here.  But the one I turn to again and again when I need a pick me up is James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small series.  It's smart, funny and heartwarming all at once.

Who is your favourite cartoon character?  Daria.  She made being ambivalent cool before it was cool.  Plus we both had a crush on Trent Lane (can you have a crush on a cartoon character??).

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What wardrobe item can't you live without?  A white tee.  I literally have 20 of them, all different brands and different sizes.  It's odd and a little bit unhealthy.  I really have to stop myself in the store before I pick up yet another one.

World Cup or Olympics?  Olympics and Winter Olympics to be specific.  I can't wait until Sochi 2014!