With the extra time that I've had the last six months, I've made an effort to ramp up my workout schedule.  Not that I have any desire to train for a marathon or triathlon or any other type of thon / thlon but to focus on my health and taking care of my body, which I have summarily dismissed and regretfully abused over the past six years.  Lucky for me, my sister Siri works in the sports industry and has been my saving grace and hook up for clothing, shoes, gear as well as dispensing advice and training techniques.

It's too bad all the working out I'm doing is not counteracting my eating of ALL the food.  Maybe a different set of running sunglasses would help.

What are your tips and techniques for staying active?  I am starting to think that every time I pick up a book, I should be reading while walking on the treadmill.  I could probably log a few hundred miles that way.