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I suppose it's appropriate, during this showcase of absurdly fit and beautiful bodies via the Olympic Games, that I allow their dedication and discipline to move my body into motion.  Since I've been underemployed, I've been able to work out a lot more consistently than I used to.  But as much as the additional cardio from running helped boost my energy levels, it has killed my left knee.  I'm unsure as to what's wrong with it, except for that it hurts when I run even half a mile.  Since I have self-funded health insurance (read super high deductible), I've decided to give it a rest for a week.  Meanwhile, I've turned to Nike Training Club to supplement my workout.  And this iPhone / iPad app is officially kicking my ass..
If you haven't looked into it before but are looking for an easy-to-use and FREE personal trainer with minimal investment as far as equipment, this is the app for you.  Workouts are designed like a circuit training workout, where you spend a minute or two on different cardio, toning or strength exercises.  Better yet, there are gorgeously skinny and tone models on video if you are unclear as to how to do a Plank Row Burpee or Tricep Pushup to Frogger.  You can sync your workout play list to the workout (even spotify!).  The NTC app features bonus workouts by Hope Solo, Shawn Johnson, Allyson Felix so you can huff and puff alongside your favourite US Olympian, not to mention admire the fact that this is just a portion of their regular work out - if that.

So what is really kicking my ass during the workouts?  Gotta be the side planks and all the squats and squat jumps.  There's no way those models with their toothpick legs do squats continuously for two minutes.  They'd have monster thunder thighs if they did right (say yes, it'll make me feel so much better)?

Pictures via Nike