I am, like many, a big fan of NPR.  It's where I get the majority of my book recommendations.  I'm probably a bit late to the game in discovering NPR's media blog - The Picture Show.  If you haven't visited this blog before, it is a collection of some really nicely curated photographs and the NPR bloggers' commentary around them.  NPR sources these pictures from all over and it serves as daily inspirational look at photography for amateurs such as myself.  Below are some of the recent ones I've enjoyed.

via Corcoran Gallery
via Charlotte Dumas
Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas' exhibit Anima at the Corcoran Gallery of Art is a series of photographs of the horses that pull a caisson holding caskets of military soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery.  If you like photographs of dogs or horses, her work features rough and tumble, yet magnificent  working animals in a variety of their natural environments, e.g. search and rescue dogs, horses used to reenactments, etc.
via Jean-Joseph Renucci
Jean-Joseph Renucci, a designer, who makes these "little people" landscapes as a side project.  Click through to his website to see even more entertaining little people settings.  I think I could write short stories around each of his photographs.

via Gregg Segal
Gregg Segal's 2010 project - State of the Union - was an homage to the Civil War and its juxtaposition to "modern day" society.  Segal explains that a lot of the old Civil War battle sites have been overrun by housing developments and shopping malls and his pictures highlight that mesh of environments.  His use of colour in his photographs is something I was particularly drawn to.