It's a full blue moon tonight, my lovelies... the second full moon in the same month.  Does it give you goosebumps?  Can you feel that shiver down your spine?  Dogs and cats will howl and yowl for no reason at all tonight.  You could catch a glimpse of impossible things out of the corner of your eye.  Slumber may allude you, leaving you exhausted in front of a flickering television set, or you may toss and turn with nightmares.  It might just feel like Halloween is here, two months early.

Take time to do those things that you would do 'once in a blue moon.'  It won't be back for another three years (July 2015).  But a word of advice: pace yourself.  For those in the US, it's a THREE day weekend so you've got another three full days after all the havoc you wreak tonight.  For you international folks, go on and get after it!
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