Honest to goodness, I was going to do a normal Christmas-inspired fashion post today based on cute Nordic themed clothes that you can find on the Interwebs.  The weather has, surprisingly, started to get a little chilly and I actually started breaking out the sweaters today.  Couple that with the Christmas muzak playing throughout Target and I'm in a festive holiday mood.  How better to welcome in the holidays than with some seasonal Nordic sweaters to wear while sipping on some apple cider by the fireplace?

Or should I ask slyly - how better for the men in your life to welcome in the holidays?  While looking for cute girls' stuff, I got sidetracked by pages and pages of men's sweaters with snowflakes and reindeer.  Don't say I never helped you with your Christmas shopping.

The sweater this young man is wearing is so popular that it is only available in Medium.  Don't trust me?  Click here.  PS - It's $235.  US Dollars folks.  I'm curious as to whether men are buying it for themselves or someone is getting it for them as a gift.

Need a little more reindeer in your life?  What man doesn't?  Only $325 here.
Looking for a Norse god in the bedroom?  I gotcha covered right here.  You're welcome.  :)
Or maybe just some subtle reindeer socks from j.crew will be just the right amount of Nordic for your guy.