This weekend I went to hang out with the sister in Austin and had fun playing in the almost perfect weather.  It was a weekend of firsts - first time Stand Up Paddle Boarding also known as "SUP" and first time attending a cross country meet (shout out to Lauren and Callum!).

First off, if you haven't tried SUP, you really should - it's super fun and doesn't even feel like exercise.  Disregarding the men's clothing that I had to wear because I hadn't brought anything suitable, it's both easier and harder than it looks.  Paddling through still water = easy.  Paddling against the current = hard.  Standing up on the board = easy.  Staying standing up while craning your head trying to avoid the women's rowing team = hard.  Yes, I fell.  But luckily (and freakishly), I ended up landing on my board and not in the water.  The only thing that's bruised is my pride.

On Saturday morning, I woke up early to help my sister work the Texas State UIL (High School) Cross Country Championships.  She works for a mega sports brand (I'm sure you can guess which) and was there to cheer on the schools that she's been supporting all season.  We stood right by the finish line and I was in disbelief and shock as to how many kids collapsed / fainted / fell right after they crossed the finish.  Four or five runners were rushed to the hospital post-race.  The race results?  Fastest time for girls - 17:18 and fastest time for boys - 15:04.  Yep that's minutes and yep the distance is three miles.  Suffice it to say, I will never ever run that fast and after seeing the condition they were in afterward, I'm not sure I want to.

ATX and all of its quirky little eateries didn't disappoint and if you need some recommendations for some tasty vegetarian places, I've got them.  It was really fun to go back and visit and next time I go SUP, I'm bringing a swim suit!