The Thanksgiving table in all of its glittering glory!

A big big thank you to Anna at Dear Friend for her tutorial on glitter circles and to Jeanine at I Heart Interiors for providing the inspiration for my paper turkeys.  The gold and white theme worked out spectacularly well and our Thanksgiving table has never looked so classy.  Hanging the gold and white circles from the chandelier worked really well and my mom wants to leave them up there until after Christmas.

I also grabbed a bunch of pictures of the feast.  My dad and I coordinated our oven timing pretty darn perfectly.  This year I made: rolls, pumpkin s'more pie, hot buttered rum pie, kimchi mashed potatoes, thyme butternut squash and apple cider sangria.  It was my first time ever baking pie and making pie dough from scratch and (luckily) it was a success.  If you want any recipes, let me know and I'll gladly send them over.  My dad roasted the turkey using an Alton Brown recipe and also made stuffing and a handful of Chinese dishes.  Mom made cranberry salad and generally cleaned up after all of us.  I was so darn tired after cooking all day Thursday that I didn't leave the house at all for any shopping hi jinks on Friday.

How about y'all?  I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!