Confession: I have been obsessed with small spaces for as long as I can remember.  I remember when my dad was taking extracurricular community college courses, he would bring me with him and I would sit in the college library in the architecture section and pore over piles of books of floor plans and home designs.  It's also why a blog like this can hold my attention for hours.  And I get particularly excited on Sundays when I'm able to feature a little house like this week's home.

Isn't it amazing what high ceilings and a bright coat of paint can do to a small space?  The house looks very open and airy even though it is only 1,100 square feet.  The bedrooms look spacious and clean with plenty of natural light through an abundance of windows.  The open loft space above the dining space is a really unique and quirky touch.  Let's pretend that you can fit the kid's table there for Thanksgiving.  I can imagine a little family perfectly happy in this house, as long as they're able to get around the whole one bathroom thing. Which will really only last until the kids become teenagers because then the whole sharing thing just does not work.