Sometimes, it's incredibly fun to gawk at the McMansions and daydream about homes that are large enough to house a village and host a soiree with you and your closest 200 friends.  At other times, you simply want a comfortably cozy cottage.  Small enough that the smell of cooking or baking wafts through every room and for your dinner parties to feel like an intimate gathering of lifelong friends.

The home I featured below is one of those cute, quaint cottages.  At around 1,200 square feet, it's about as large as my apartment unit that I currently live in.  What I simply adore about this home is that you can tell real life people live in it.  It's very neat and clean but the kitchen has normal things that you would see in my kitchen - like mismatched tupperware.  My favourite room in the house?  The multi-purpose den and it's colourful rug and artwork.  That's my type of room and I would move into this house in a heartbeat.