Thank you ladies for being so patient with my nonsensical video game rambling and for even being as kind as to relate to my CoD addiction with games that you all like to play yourself.  I still feel like a super nerd but then again, how often does a professional grown woman get to live like a 12 year old boy?

I also remembered that I owed you all a Nordic post after the silly one that I did for men.  Not saying I couldn't find a few ridiculous items classified as women's winter wear but sometimes, it's good to be a little bit practical.  Any of the items I've featured on today's post are gift-able to your female friends / relatives / coworkers.  And if you live in a warm weather place, like me, then these gifts are even 'more hip' because they're ironic.

Traditional winter Nordic gear tends to lean toward the red and white Christmas colours so I tried to find a few different items with colours that pop and say - "I'm a modern woman but I also like knitted warm and cozy things.  Now fetch me a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, dammit!"

Mittens / Slippers / Leggings / Sweater / Scarf