Last year was the first year that we did a real table setting for Thanksgiving (seen here) - no more paper plates Ma!  The blue and orange colour theme ended up being wonderfully matched with our turkey centerpiece and the guests had a fun time playing with the toy orange moose (meese) by their plates.

This year, I'm hoping to sway our table into the classy, elegant and adult territory with a white and gold colour scheme.  White plates are standard at my parents' home and I'm hoping to find an affordable table cloth with a metallic sheen.  Gold candle votives are cheap and plentiful at Target and Ikea and I'll see if I can't find some sparkly accent pieces to fill out the rest of the table.  Our dining table ends up getting too overloaded with food so the candles are swept away once the real eating begins but it's fun for the guests to walk in and see their eyes light up with the dining area nicely laid out.  I might wrangle my sister into doing some Thanksgiving crafts with me as well - maybe some homemade place cards or even a Happy Thanksgiving banner?

Do you all have any suggestions for me with regards to our Thanksgiving table setting?