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So I may have a teensy tinsy bit of an addictive personality, in that it's easy for me to get extremely wrapped up in something.  Like the summer I ate only strawberries.  Or the time I was convinced that if I practiced enough, 6 months was all it took to become a professional tennis player.

And today, I discovered video games.  We never played these growing up and I didn't have any brothers to teach me gaming skills as a child.  And I tell you, I missed out!  There's a whole world of video games that I haven't explored and you could spend $60 on a video game that can entertain you for days - way cheaper than taking a trip or even going to the movies.

I spent only a few hours tonight playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II and I ended up improving to the point where I made as many kills as times I was killed.  And it was so totally fun.  I also never realized the kind of 'guy gossiping' that goes on while they play video games.  It was an entire ecosystem that I've never been exposed to and I learned so much from it.  Just don't tell the guys I was actually listening to what they were saying.

Perhaps an Xbox is not in my future, as I could easily see myself emerging as a slovenly mess from between my couch cushions only to grab some Flaming Hot Cheetos and diet soda, but I definitely see myself contemplating buying a mini gaming system.  Any games you all play, even on your phone or tablet?