A lot of you lovely bloggers do a cute post called Awesome & Awkward Thursday in which you describe a few awesome things and also a few awkward things that have happened during the week.  Welp, this is the not-so-cute Rooth version of Awesome & Awkward Thursday in which the things that have happened have to simultaneously be both awesome AND awkward.

Jim Gaffigan
Listening to stand-up comedy whilst working out.  Awesome because Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Aziz Ansari are freaking hilarious and there's nothing like laughing to pass the time while you're trudging away on the elliptical.  Awkward because you realize that you've been laughing out loud the entire time and wearing headphones does not mean that everyone else cannot hear you.  It only means that you cannot hear them.  So that's what all the weird stares are about.

Via here
Discovering infused mayonnaise.  Awesome because you can get flavors such as smokey bacon, black garlic, white cheddar, white truffle and rosemary.  Nom nom nom.  Awkward because it's (eww) mayonnaise.  Who eats this stuff anyway (Shalini, I'm looking at you girl)???  Do people seriously still put mayonnaise on food these days?

Via here
Lotsa online shopping.  Awesome because... Do I really have to explain this?  I feel like it's pretty self evident.  It's almost the holidays and Christmas shopping has to get done.  Who wants to drive around in circles looking for a parking spot and then lug all those bags back to the car and also <gasp> pay TAX on those items.  Not this girl.  Awkward because this week, the UPS guy has dropped off the packages at my apartment every morning and every morning I answer the door to receive them.  This morning, he made the comment "You sure do get a lot of packages" and glanced suspiciously inside my apartment.  No, I'm not running an illicit drug trade out of my apartment.  This is made all the more awkward because this is a new UPS guy.  The old UPS guy would have never acted like this.  We were on first name basis with each other. :)