"Like a pack of wolves, they fell slavering to the feast.  Within seconds, the carcass was devoured and only a whisper of the kill remained."

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Any one who has brothers and has competed for food at the dinner table should read this NYTimes article on sibling rivalry titled One Long Food Fight.  I wasn't even aware that this was a 'thing' as I didn't grow up with boys around.  I only have a sister, my precious Siri, and our closest friends growing up were a set of sisters as well.  The cousins we hung out with during all the holidays?  Also a pair of sisters.  Which is why last night left me dumbfounded and amazed.

Yesterday evening, a group of old college friends and I got together for some food and fun.  As its been a week since I've made food for anyone, I decided to whip up some sour cream chicken enchiladas for us.  Keeping in mind that I would be feeding four guys in their 20s, I doubled the recipe, which would normally serve six.  We sat down and within 10 minutes, the four of them had cleaned up enough food for twelve people.  And chased dinner down with some ice cream.  I don't think I said anything the entire time, just sat there bug-eyed and with my jaw on the floor.

Whatever silent competition they were having - who can eat the fastest and most - I was not a part of that universe and simultaneously, I can now understand why families with boys shop at warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam's Club.  Although there weren't any leftovers, not even for one of the guy's girlfriends who dropped by later, at least I know that they liked my cooking.

Any of you bloggers out there experience this frenzied feeding phenomenon before?