I'm finally back home after spending over a week at my parents' house for the Thanksgiving holiday.  As with prior times I've gone back to visit (as mentioned here), I had my "Monica" moments.  I spent one morning cleaning out and resorting my mom's linen closet, which had a 20-year collection of towels, and then all day Sunday emptying out the garage as well as my sister's car.  I promised my dad that the next time I'm home, we'd tackle the storage problem in the house.  My parents' home is over 30 years old and needs some sprucing up and I've laid out all of the DIY projects in my head.  My dad's response to all the tasks I have planned?  "Let's just get a new house."  I don't think they could have stood more of my cleaning / tidying up efforts.  To be honest, neither could I.

Today, I'm featuring a house that would be absolutely perfect for my parents' fake 'new home.'  One story and completely renovated, just like how my parents like it.  There are some beautiful wood floors that I'm sure my mom would love and do I spy a double oven in that massive kitchen?  All I'd have to do is double check the storage situation and move 'em right in, right?