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In my previous blog entry, I had mentioned that my sister was planning on baking a champagne layer cake for the New Year's Eve party that my parents were throwing.  On Friday, when I asked her if she wanted to go buy the ingredients and get prepared for baking, she threw back at me, "You make things not fun!  Everything turns into a task!"  Which I almost retorted back immediately with a "No!" but didn't because it's actually true.  I get so focused on completing the goal at hand that I laser focus on laying out the steps to getting it done.  It is true that my mom called me Monica, as in Monica from Friends due to my bossiness, the entire time I was home this holiday break.  I forget that it can be fun getting things done and "teamwork doesn't always feel like work."  My sister and I have opposite personalities - she is incredibly creative, artistic and the consummate procrastinator while I am more linear, organized and a planner.  I owe my sister one for trying to slow me down and for providing some balance to my over-the-top personality sometimes.  In 2012 I will try to be more forgiving, particularly towards myself and just focus on enjoying the journey instead of concentrating on getting to the destination.

And in case you were wondering, she did make the cake in time and it turned out beautifully and tasted delicious!