via here.  Isn't it lovely?
Frenchie is out on a business trip this week and my sick sis stayed over with me last night.  When someone is sick, what do you offer them?  The custom at my house is to offer him or her a hot beverage.  In my sister's case, we had tea.  Lotsa loose leaf green tea and then gypsy cold care tea with honey.  It isn't very cold outside but there is something comforting and soothing about a cradling a hot cuppa tea in your hands.  Yesterday, we must have drank tea for around five hours.

After around 9 straight hours of work conference calls during the day, even though it was supposed to be a day of rest, it's finally quiet.  I have the doors propped open and it smells like someone is burning milk outside.  For some reason, the smell is calming and carries with it a memory of my mom making oatmeal (with raisins) for breakfast when we were little.  She would invariably burn the milk a little but, no matter, it would fill up our little round tummies full.