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The blog gods must be reading my entries because right after I gloated to everyone about how glorious the weather was in Houston, we had the most extreme weather on Monday.  This morning, I woke up to a pale green sky and, being a tornado-alley born girl, I knew exactly what that foretold.  Over the next few hours, Houston took a pounding of  tornadoes, hail, severe thunderstorms and flash floods.  I was stuck in traffic for over five hours trying to drop my car off to be serviced.  At times, it's okay to have a conservative and safe personality and today it totally paid off.  I saw more cars than I can count think they could drive through the high water and have to get towed out because the owners flooded their engines.  I may have sat idle in the middle of the road for over two hours but at least I didn't have to "float" down the middle of the street and chalk up my vehicle as totaled.  I also asked myself around 20 times why I don't own a truck - must remember for future vehicle purchases.  While taking some back roads to get back to work, I saw blocks of houses under water as well.  I hope everyone in the blogosphere is safe, warm and DRY.  Happy Monday folks!