This afternoon Frenchie returned from his conference in San Francisco - hooray!  While he was in the city, he went shopping and scouted out All Saints (for me, I really want some boots from there), Ted Baker, Ben Sherman and other stores.  I haven't been to SF in a fairly long time but from what I remember, it was always blustery and had a lively, bopping little Chinatown.  I thought it was so much cooler than Los Angeles, my only measure of other cities in California.

Frenchie came back from his trip talking about how tasty the seafood was and how steep the hills were and also bearing a little package for me!

They are really sweet and my favourite part is the inscription on the insides.  The red / orange one reads "Meet Your Match" and the gold one says "Heart of Gold."  Frenchie does good sometimes - real good.