So after the downer of a post yesterday, I do have some fun news to share - Frenchie and I are going to France!  We'll be flying into Switzerland at the end of January and then hopping over to Chamonix for a week to ski, eat, shop and sight see.  This will be a trip of firsts: I've never been to France before and I've also never skied in Europe.  I'm absolutely delighted to be able to try skiing in Europe where I hear the mountains and trails are very different from the states.  Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Western Europe and the verticals here are twice what they are at Whistler! 

You can't imagine the change this has had on my outlook for 2012.  I was actually excited to go back to work because I have this trip coming up this month.  Now, mind you, the off-trail skiing here is supposed to be the best in the world but I am in no way an expert skier.  So I'll be attempting to stay safe but also test my boundaries a bit and push myself to be braver.  I've also downloaded some Learning French podcasts to try and memorize some basic phrases before I go.  I'll leave you all with a few pictures of where we'll be going (eeps!) and also welcome any suggestions or advice if any of you have been before.

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