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 It's funny (or really, not) how quickly my mood can change, with the blink of an eye, because of something that someone says about me.  I can become elated, walking on rainbows and floating on pink marshmallows, or deflated, like a kiddie pool forgotten outside in the fall.  With all the mucky, stale brown water to match.  I know I'm supposed to be at the age where I have enough self confidence to take it all with a grain of salt, to know that one statement does not define my worth or my value as a person.  I'm not there yet though.  True, I can brush it off more easily - take in criticism, assess it for what it is and then move on with my life.  But it's the little gnat, constantly buzzing around my face and for now, I can't shake it.

Today I'll take it for what it is.  But tomorrow is a new day and I will start all over again.  I did say this year that I will forgive, particularly myself, more.