I don't have a background in design or architecture but I know what I think looks good - and these horse stables designed by 10dedosvalentes in Oporto, Portugal are pretty stinking handsome.  Horse stables have a tendency to lean toward the country or rustic-style design, so it's more rare to see a modern-type structure.  The design team's goal was to create a combined horse and human environment next to the outdoor riding arena.  The bottom floor is comprised of the horse stalls and tacking area whereas the top floor has a indoor viewing area, toilet and lockers.  It almost looks more like an apartment complex than an equestrian building, particularly with the sunny balcony up top, which I'm sure will be a popular resting haven for riders after a long day.  My only criticism of the building is that I would have wanted more windows downstairs to increase air circulation for the horses.  What do you think - thumbs up for the modern design or do you like the traditional style instead?

Pictures via here