There are less than a handful of ways to maintain my sanity on a daily basis: drinking very hot coffee very quickly in the morning, unplugging at night, exercise in general and writing.  I went a little nuts the other day and went on a journal buying binge.  This is probably the healthiest of all the binges I could possibly go on and I justified it by saying that it's just a way of staying sane.  I'm currently working with a lime green Paperthinks journal from Kate's Paperie.  It's really bright and compact but it doesn't have the elastic band that keeps the journal closed like Moleskines.  The pages are a bit thinner and will bleed through if you use any type of marker.  But it's serviceable and adequate for my scribbles.

Below are the two cuties that I bought - a Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia.  The Leuchtturm looks the same as a Moleskine but has some unique features.  I ordered one that has light dots spaced across the pages instead of lines and the pages have page numbers in the bottom corner.  The Rhodia has really smooooth pages and you can tell that it'll be nice to write in.  Frenchie wants that one for himself so I might have to order myself a new one.

There are a few other things that are tumbling around in my life (including a sht ton of work) and preventing me from blogging and reading blogs as often as I'd like.  At my earliest ability, I am going to TRY TRY TRY to catch up and see how the new year is treating everyone.