Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year!  Good luck, health and prosperity to all!  Did you get your red envelope filled with crisp bills today?  Or did you dole out the cash to younger relatives?  It is the year of the dragon, which means this is my sister AND my dad's year.  This year is also supposed to be a prosperous one, according to Asian people everywhere.  Apparently, it will be a year of financial boon and baby boom!  It is good luck to have children in a dragon year as dragons are seen as auspicious and those who are born in the year of the dragon tend to be brave, innovative and highly driven.  So here's your second chance to start that new year over again and with some dragon-like resolutions.  Mine? 

Don't be afraid of to stoke the fire that burns within.  You may just ignite the world.  (Sorry, sorry, I just couldn't resist.)