This cute, quaint little cottage is aptly located on Cottage Street (they get really original here in Houston).  I'd like to pose a question to y'all though.   Why is it that builders don't separate the family room and kitchen layouts like they used to in the 1920s?  Sometimes when you're cooking, you don't want the food smell to seep into every room.  The owners of the house are able to tie in the two rooms effectively with the matching cabinets.  With these older homes, it's easy for them to feel tight and cluttered but the storage system hides the mess in a classy way.  The house is little, less than 1,400 square feet, but has a large front and back deck and also lets in plenty of light in the bedrooms and living areas.  The house has the original woodburning fireplace and wood floors.

PS - I'm currently in the market for a dining room set - can anyone tell me what type of chairs those are?