This mid-century modern house is a geometry teacher's dream.  Right angles everywhere you look and clean straight lines, unbroken throughout the home.  It also explains how it was bestowed one of Dallas's 10 Most Beautiful Homes awards in 2010.  Wide walls of windows and an interesting choice of wood paneling prevents the house from becoming too Jetsons-ish.  The furnishings inside are drool-worthy and in my personal taste.  I would gladly steal those grey armchairs in the living room for my own place.  I also appreciate how the dark brick motif in the living room is echoed in the tiling pattern in the master bathroom.  A few things complaints, however (and since when do I not have any about the perfect houses I post).  I do think that the flooring choice and doors could have been switched up for something not so office building-like and I would have also softened up the living room and den spaces with more sculptural lighting pieces and rugs, throws and pillows.

What do you all think?  Too much like your office or feels like home?