DIY Girl

I spent my Saturday afternoon covered in a fine white powder, up a stepladder, balancing a laundry basket draped in garbage bags*, scraping at the ceiling.  My parents have decided to undertake some small home renovation projects and my dad, smart and handy fellow that he is, wisely started with the powder room as a guinea pig.  It’s the smallest room in the house and has practically all of the renovation hurdles that we would need to overcome throughout the rest of the house.  A microcosm of renovation, if you will.

I've also been so motivated by all of the home renos that I have seen via bloggers I follow (Alli / Hooray, Nina at Livingin40, Tinajo at Home, Erin at Like/Want/Need) that somehow, I've imagined that we could indeed Do It Ourselves.  And convinced my parents that we could.  Which is why I ended up choking on popcorn-ceiling** dust on Saturday.  Valuable lessons learned?

Wearing a mask and goggles and old clothing may not be fashionable but sure is practical.

When people recommend laying down a tarp or drop cloth, as wasteful as it may seem, they do so for good reason (the reason?  saving two hours of floor scrubbing time).

We’ve still got a long way to go before we get this little room where my parents want it.  There’s wallpaper to strip, ceiling, walls, cabinets to sand and paint and replacement of the pipes, mirror and light fixture.  This also means that there are fixtures, parts and paint to buy.  I’d love to hear any of the helpful hints that you all have for a beginner at DIY.

*The laundry basket was to catch the popcorn as it fell.  Again, now I know why people use tarps.  You know, besides rolling bodies in.

**If you aren’t familiar with popcorn ceilings, then count yourself lucky.  If you’re curious, wikipedia explains it pretty concisely here.  It would be really inconvenient to get asbestos poisoning from doing this.  We still have the entire house to go.