My belated birthday gift
So essentially five seconds after I published my blog post about being lonely and homesick last week, I received a surprise "Congratulations on the new job" card and a belated birthday gift from friends and an entertaining Skype call.  A girlfriend later called me just to catch up and hear about my new job and my new place.

And what have I learned after throwing myself a mini pity party?  That things, like the weather in Texas, turn around really quick.  That I have it really good.  That people think about me, even if it's from afar, and do the little things that show that they care.  That home is really where all the people that I care about are and not about where I keep my things.  I'm a lucky lucky gal* (with a serious peppermint Oreo addiction) and have the luxury of complaining about not being near some of the people I care about.

Have you ever felt silly about complaining about something after realizing that things are really much better than you initially thought?

*Okay so maybe I'm a cold girl who still can't get a full night's rest at my new apartment.  It wouldn't be me if I couldn't find something to complain about, right?