And just like that, I've run out of time again.  It seems like in this first week back to work, I've been trying to squeeze in work, family, errands, working out and blogging in the meager 24 hours that we're given every day.  I do enjoy being busy again but whew!  I need to get my energy levels back up again, particularly in the afternoon.  So far I've been relying on my good friend coffee but does anything else work for you guys?  I mean, besides sleeping earlier at night.  Because that's too simple.

In other news, I'm going through blog-withdrawal.  I do apologize on my tardiness and am meaning to get to your blogs.  Unfortunately blogs are blocked at work so I'm unable to check on them during the day but I'll make my way through them throughout the week.  Luckily, I'm still able to check personal email so if there is something that you'd like me to check out, don't be shy and shoot me an email!

More later my friends - I hope you all are well and staying happy and healthy!