Chimney Humidifier / Nighlight / Pillow Spray / Sleep Shirt / Canvas
I had mentioned previously being kept up all night by the ghosties and ghoulies and also getting used to the night noises around my new place.  It's like going to sleep-away camp or a slumber party except without all the giggling.  Definitely not helpful if you’re trying to get a solid night’s sleep in before waking up early the next morning.  Getting up even earlier than normal for a 6 am workout?  HA - that's a joke!  I've put together a desirous collection of things that I would gather together to help me sleep at night.  More sleep, more energy, more time to do the things that I like during the day (and work).

Are there things that you have to help you sleep at night, especially when you're in a strange place?  A stuffed animal that you've kept since you were a baby, glass of water by your bed, slice of cake?