Have you ever had one of those times in your life where you think everything is going along swimmingly and then BAM - a mess of ruin, rot and destruction hits you smack in the face?  If so, then you probably lived in this house.  Really quite handsome isn't it?  List price of over $2 million and with some elegant, yet comfortable, Frank Lloyd Wright-esque features.  Lush landscaping surrounding the pool and huge patio, complete with fireplace.  And then IN YO FACE, the room of death right off of the kitchen.  Pretty much negates all of the attractive characteristics about the house. 

How would you even talk about it if you were thinking of buying it?  "Hey honey, how did you feel about the house with the zoo of heads on the wall?"

Wouldn't you think as a realtor showing this home, you would advise the home owners to put that sh*t away?  What about you - if you came across a home like this on the market, would the room of death put you off buying it?