Today I'm mad.  Kids shouldn't get cancer.  They shouldn't have to spend their spring break in a hospital bed, go through countless of painful procedures and half a year cordoned off in their own homes for fear of infection.  They shouldn't have to miss school, their friends, playing and not worrying about anything except for when they get to eat ice cream next and if they'll get to stay up late tonight.  They should be allowed to be kids.

Today I'm pissed.  I found out a little boy whom I know has been diagnosed with cancer.  He's only six.  What were you doing at age six?  What are your kids doing at age six?  For the next three years, his parents' goal will be to a) help him beat the damn thing and b) enable him to do as many of those six year old things as possible.

My heart is with him, his parents and his brother and sister tonight.