Yet still ate one of these this weekend.  Via etsy

It’s something that I had always heard about but never experienced firsthand.  It was one of those phrases that people threw out, like ‘morning person’ or ‘good with kids’.  I never actually believed it (or them).

Until now.

It’s a lifestyle change.  It’s a conscious decision that you make not on a whim or because you ‘feel like it’ but because you are doing just that, making a decision.  It’s a controversial topic and one that’s rehashed time and time again.  Not everyone will support it, in fact it could be inconvenient and probably won’t make you the most popular person in the room.  I’m talking about healthy eating.

Those of you who noticed and commented on my ‘Eat the Beat’ post last week simultaneously commended my healthier habits and made me giggle nonstop.  I don’t deserve any laudatory comments or even the slightest commendation. To clarify, I’m not on a raw food diet.*  I’m not on a gluten-free diet.  I’m not on a sugar-free diet.  I’m actually not on any diet at all.  I’m making a lifestyle change.

I didn’t intend on making this change, actually, rather it fell into my lap along with the new job.  You see, my office is located right next door (and I mean smack dab next door) to the giant, behemoth organic food seitan-monster Whole Foods.  It’s unavoidable.  And it’s also a proxy for the company cafeteria.  I started out very simply passing up the burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches and hot meals and heading straight for the salad bar.  Eating greens and other assorted types of veg, since I’ll be turning 30 this year.  But then, it turned into eating vegetables, no meat and plenty of superfoods.  Every day for lunch for the past month.  I suppose that could be called forming a habit.

Heck yes I get hungry in the afternoons - I need to load up on protein.  But when before, I’d go and snarf a bag of Cheezits or Sun Chips, now I’ll grab a mini snack bag of pistachios.  Or an orange.  I drink green tea in the afternoons now, a big change for this once four-espressos-a-day girl.

I’m not making this change for any other meal except for lunch.  But it’s amazing what changing 50% of your daily food intake will do (yes, I’m still kind of bad and don’t eat breakfast).  My weekends are a bit of a food free-for-all but still better than I’ve ever eaten in the past.  Trust me, this type of change can happen.  You don’t have to feel guilty about what you eat and actually feel good about it.

Enough of my food soapbox - and back to adding loads of sriracha to all my salads.  For flavor.

*Heaven forbid I turn into one of those tired grey people Lauren mentioned