I appreciate the answers that you all provided with regards to compromising and how one should handle it.  I suppose I've been a bit fooled by literature, particularly the stories where people pine and waste away into empty shells or live lives lead by resentment and paralysis because they are unable to do or get what they want.  I read, read and blow it all out of proportion in my imagination, thinking about how desperate and frantic I would feel about being in a situation like that, scrabbling away at the corners like a rat in a cage.  Realistically, I have never been able to harbor a grudge for longer than an hour and don't think I have the stamina or determination to spend my entire life resentful.

Azra brought up a good point, that as much as I think I have a hand in all of this, I really don't have all the control.  There are things that must be left up to fate / destiny / luck, whatever you call it.  I'm also a bit nervous that thinking of myself in the short run, as Emmy mentioned, may not be the best move for me in the long run.  Perhaps this calls for some strategic, long-term selfishery.*

In either case, I think it's a combination of both - blowing it all out of proportion and overestimating the actual hand I have in all of this (this = life).  Things will happen as they happen.  I will do the right thing or I will do the wrong thing and then have to fix my mistakes.  The choices that I make are shaped by the choices of my past and will continue to shape the choices in my future.  Somethings I'm sure I never thought I'd compromise on, I probably will.  And vice versa.  Life's a mercurial witch when she's blowing you around like this but at least you can't ever accuse her of being boring.

*Hooray new word!