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The weather has been the talk of the town lately.  The East Coast in particular has been experiencing a real scorcher of a heat wave and I can imagine hordes of people, huddled indoors around a television or standing in front of an open fridge with sweat dripping off their brows and shirts stained through.  Welcome to the life of a Texan for a glorious half of the year.  In the spirit of one-upsmanship, I've put together a compilation of TRUE tales of really being hot.

You don't know hot until...
  • You've cooked fried eggs on the sidewalk.  Literally laid down foil on the sidewalk and cracked eggs on it
  • Your younger sister accidentally left a red crayon in the car and ruined the leather forever.  Heaven forbid you try to wear white pants and ride in the backseat
  • Your legs and butt have been burned by the rivets in your jeans.  One evil September evening.
  • You change outfits twice a day.  Not to look cute but because you sweat through all your clothes.  This is when you resort to wearing dri-fit constantly
  • You've built an entire underground tunnel system that snakes through downtown so people can avoid going outside during the day to get lunch.  Yes, City of Houston, I'm talking about you
  • You've skipped out on graduations, birthdays, weddings, festivals, barbecues all because they're held outside from the months of May through September
  • You know of animals that have died because they stopped sweating
  • You've slept on a bamboo mat on the concrete floor because anything that is fabric is just too darn hot
Stay hydrated, slathered in sunscreen and find yourself a good fan and book.  Happy Friday!