If summer 2012 is going to be about experimentation, I might as well start with the deadliest thing I can think of ingesting - spam.  AKA potted meat.  Sounds simply delicious and delightful, doesn't it?  If you can believe it, I've actually never had spam before.  Meat from a can has just never had the opportunity to pop up on my radar.  And when I announced this to a casual gathering of my peers, they were aghast.

"Never tried spam before?!  But you're missing out!"

What I want to know is how and when they've actually tried spam.  We were born in the 80's - I didn't even know spam was something that was acceptable to eat back then.  I consider myself a pretty experimental eater as well, maybe not a foodie, but I've eaten a lot of strange things.

However, nowadays spam is gaining in popularity.  A good number of quite popular food trucks actually offer it up and people pay real money for it.  And I want to know why.  I have heard it is uber salty and like an extreme, denser version of bologna, which I happen to love.  There are also a variety of diverse manners in which you can prepare it.  The most popular that I've come across is spam musubi - a la Hawaii.  I've listed out some of the tasty recipes that I've unearthed on the interwebs in the order that I would try these.  Which one of these have you had before?  And which one do you think I should try first?

As an aside, I've left out spam fried rice from the collection of photographs and recipes.  Because I won't bastardize my fried rice recipe anymore than I already have.  My relatives, I'm sure, are rolling over in their graves.

Spam Musubi, with recipe from here
Spam Burger with an egg (how can you deny anything topped with an egg?) via here
Spam kimchi ramen via here.  Sodium overload anyone?
Spam pb&j via here - super salty and sweet treat?
Spam pizza bake via here