With much fanfare last fall, an H&M store opened in NorthPark Center in Dallas.  As a more frequent traveler, I have never NOT been able to find an H&M store but apparently, this opening was a big deal for Texans.  So big that they invited the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to entertain the lines of people waiting outside the store for the opening.

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Yesterday was my first foray into the Dallas H&M store, and I'm sorry and not surprised to say it's not an improvement on the H&M stores in any other cities.  I was excited at first.  Crop tops on sale for $5 and blouses for $6.99!  Surely I would be able to pick up a few summery bargains.  I quickly realized that although the price point is ridiculously low, you can't actually find anything in that store.  It's as if some Swedish fashionista decided to take the contents of her entire monster closet, dump it in a big box retail location and strew the clothes wildly on random racks and walls.  I was browsing through some plain white tank tops and the other white tanks on the same rack were not even the same shade of white.  How is someone supposed to shop with those conditions?  I felt like a spinning top, whirling around with trying to find my way through the clothing sections.  Basics and athletic apparel here, accessories there, sale section on the other side and men's upstairs.  I finally threw my hands up in frustration and left.

Apparently, to shop at H&M, one needs to have the Zen-like patience of a monk, laser focus of a rocket scientist and endurance of a marathoner.  And those are too many good qualities to waste on just shopping alone.