I wasn't built for activities, apparently.  Or handling mosquitoes.  The only thing that I had forgot to pack for this trip to Phoenix was bug spray.  Because silly me for assuming that there wouldn't be any mosquitoes in the middle of the desert.  Those f-ers are everywhere.  Twenty bites later and after our kayaking adventure this morning, I dosed myself with Benadryl and fell asleep for an uneasy afternoon nap.  And I'm terrible at napping.  I always wake up feeling discombobulated and with a serious case of cotton mouth.  So I'm spending this afternoon clearing my mind of the cobwebby effects of allergy medicine and the nap and avoiding the heat.  And tonight, we'll be attending a dinner gala, the last event here in Phoenix before jumping on a plane back home tomorrow morning.

Isn't that snap of the Salt River so serene and calming?  Our guide let us get to the front of the pack where I was able to take that photo without other boats and people in the way.  We drifted and paddled downstream for four miles this morning, getting adequately in touch with the Arizona desert and wildlife.