Thought that would get your attention.  I don't have pictures but that's what I ended up smeared in from Summerfest on Saturday.  Too bad it wasn't ICE because it was so freaking hot.  Whoever thought an outdoor music festival in Texas in the summertime was a good idea should be shot.  Or at least made to sit out there on the lawn with the rest of us.  Personally, I would have chosen to be shot.  I wussed out after three hours and my friend and I escaped to air conditioning and a sushi dinner.  We didn't (read: I didn't) have enough patience or stamina to wait for the night shows.  But it was still a really fun time.  Next year, spring for the fancy pants tickets.  Sure, they're almost double the price but you can sit inside an air conditioned tent that has a BAR inside.

Oh yeah, and I rocked that new ear piercing.  I found a really good, professional and sterile piercing / tattoo parlour in Houston that I will gladly go to again (oh brother) or recommend.  Thanks guys.  :)