Well who would have thunk it.  Not only have I turned into a foodie blogger, with my last two posts on spam and my crap eating habits, but vegan food doesn't taste disgusting anymore!  I am generally opposed to "fake" versions of meat.  My parents became vegetarian in the early nineties and I can recall several bad experiences with fake bacon, fake ham and fake sausage.  Salty, crumbly and dry fake meat does not a vegetarian child make.  I'm not certain when this vegan revolution occurred but I took my mom to a vegan diner today on a whim and the food was good.  Delicious even.

My mom kept repeating over and over again while she noshed on her vegan burrito, "this tastes really healthy, " which is I took to mean "this doesn't taste that great."  I should have expected it, given she had asked the waiter if they served "real cheese" on their burritos and he responded in the negative.  But my faux egg and bacon sandwich was quite yummy.  The tofu scramble and soy bacon both tasted realistic enough to pass my palate and I washed it all down with a non-dairy cookies and cream milkshake.  It tasted exactly like a dairy version - quite impressive!  I am pretty certain that I couldn't do a vegan diet all the time but if I could eat food like this, maybe it would be a more regular occurrence in my food repertoire.

Have you tried vegan food lately and did you find it to be acceptable or disgusting?