Wait a second.  Nope, nope I didn't.  Unless mini beer brat corn dogs, pitchers of mimosas, petite confectionery and cakes, rainbow sherbet and Trader Joe's cookie butter count as healthy.  But boy were they delicious.  Houston just got its first Trader Joe's and someone was kind enough to make me a gift of a solid jar of Cookie Butter, which I've never tasted before.  It's almost like a foodie miracle - taking two incredibly delicious things and mashing them together.  I never thought that I would be able to find something that could replace Nutella in my heart but this really does.  You can drizzle, smear and smother anything with this goodness and it'll taste like gingerbread cookies and Christmas.  And that is alright by me.  Excuse me while I dunk my entire hand.

On Sunday, I picked up some spam from the grocery store in preparation for my spamerific creation.  Did you know that one jar of the stuff costs $2.50?!  That is pretty expensive, considering it is meat in a can and the expiration date is three years away - why did no one warn me?

Bonus round: The nonprofit organization that I'm involved with is looking for charities with an annual budget between $5 and 50 million to evaluate.  Readers, are there any specific charities or causes that you find interesting or would like to see covered?