So I may have a slight obsession with Peter Mayle right now and Provence.  His books make me want to speak with a French accent, eat copious amounts of bread with olive oil and drink some hearty red wines.  Seriously, if you ever lose your appetite for whatever reason, pick up A Year in Provence or Toujours Provence.  You'll be dying for some Provencal sun and food within five minutes.  That is exactly the type of retirement life that I want - spitting out best sellers in Southern France.

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Daughter of Smoke & Bone were recommended to me by two different bloggers - Hila and Hilarity in Shoes.  One is a murder mystery novel and the other is a YA fantasy-esque book but what they both share in common are extremely strong female characters.  The sequel to Daughter of Smoke & Bone is coming out this November and I won't deny that I haven't already placed it on my Amazon wishlist.  Come on, Laini Taylor (the author) has PINK HAIR!  I won't ruin either novel but why is love such a strong focus in YA novels?  That soul consuming, body burning, can't sleep can't think reach for the stars type of love?  Do you remember love being all consuming when you were a teenager and feeling like it was life ending / affirming?  Do you feel silly now for feeling that way?  I do.

Again, if any of you would like to talk about the merits of these individual novels, including the ones I didn't discuss above, message me in the comments or send me an email and we can discuss away!