If you can guess what this food I ate recently is, you win a prize*!
I'm a terrible eater.  In March, I ate breakfast every morning for two weeks straight and then gave it up entirely.  I don't eat consistent meals, eat random things at random times of the day and will call dessert an entire meal.  As an example, this morning I woke up and ate Whole Food's Zoo Gummies, had a doubleshot of espresso on the drive to Dallas, snacked on almond thins, blackberries and kimchi once I arrived at home and then chewed about five gobs of gum.  Who knows what havoc I am yet to wreak on my mom's kitchen today?

I'm a parent's worst nightmare.  Or to be more specific, my mom's worst nightmare.  As I'm sure I've mentioned before, one summer when I was home from college, I ate only strawberries.  By July, I reeked of of strawberries (it could be a lot worse - I could have eaten only onions).  I argued that I saved her a lot of hassle when it came to cooking or grocery shopping.  She retorted that I smelled like a Yum Yum.

I also have a snake-like mentality when it comes to food.  When I'm hungry, I'll eat until almost bursting and then not eat again until I'm hungry, whenever that next time or date is.  Is this only a "me" thing?  I know the interwebs can be a sensitive place when it comes to peculiar or abnormal eating habits so I'm hoping that you all will refrain from calling me dirty names and let me know your honest-to-goodness eating habits, however unhealthy or strange they are.  I promise I won't judge.

*The prize is a big HIGH FIVE from me